Monocalcium phosphate

sello fosfato monocalcico
sello 100 mineral
sello GMP


Monocalcium Phosphate is used as a raw material source of phosphorus in the production of feeds and animal nutrition correctors. With this mineral-sourced phosphate in their rations, the needs of high producing animals are covered, improving performance in growth, fertility and conversion indexes. Phosphorus is essential to, among other processes, ATP formation, nucleic acid synthesis and bone formation.

GLOBALFEED Monocalcium Phosphate is the first in Spain to be directly sourced using GlobalPhos technology. This production technology is based on a direct reaction of phosphoric acid with calcium carbonate, raw materials that are both suitable for animal nutrition. Thus, we obtain products with clearly differentiated characteristics:

  • Great wealth of mineral phosphorus available.
  • Low chloride content.
  • acidic pH.
  • Low heavy metal levels.
  • Suitable particle size.

Both the raw materials and the end product are strictly controlled and are stored so as to prevent any possible contamination. The end product is dried using natural gas, to prevent any risk of contamination, at controlled low temperatures in order to avoid possible phosphorus retrogradation in the end products, thus ensuring greater availability/digestibility. From an environmental perspective, the production process is fully environmentally friendly and generates no chemical waste.

GLOBALFEED is registered in the General Registry of Establishments in the Animal Feed Sector, per Directive 95/69/CE, both as a producer and as a trader. It also has the GMP+ certificate of good manufacturing practices, which guarantees the integrity of the production process and its compliance with safety regulations in all the links in the food chain - thus increasing client confidence.

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